A lot is being written about the next The upcoming Apple iPhone 7 may get wireless charging feature.

Some reports claim that Apple has hired over a dozen staffers in the last two years to work on this project. Bloomberg had earlier reported that the Cupertino-based firm was planning to add wireless charging features to its next iPhones.

We know that Apple loves to innovate when it comes to its devices and the company keep on filing patents for newer technologies for a more advanced society. A few years back, patents with wireless charging as the notion were filed by the tech giant.

Wireless charging feature not yet available on Apple’s devices. Sources said that two experts from uBeam have been recruited by Apple to work on ultrasound technology and wireless charging that could be implemented in future iPhone models.

It is learned that Apple wants to develop a technology that would allow charging smartphones without a dedicated pad.

The Verge reported that more than one methods were tried by the company to craft wireless charging technology and the company has succeeded in applying this technology in its smartwatches.

Apple iPhone 7 may have wireless charging, specs and features update

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