Following an overwhelming response from Facebook’s creative initiative, the tech giant continuously added tiny features which could unlock one phase and poke one to discover more. After a successful debut, Facebook added an option to send invitations to share the video moments with same functionality as of the primary user. If you are eager to test it, just hit on the “Live Video” popping up on the screen while using the Facebook application in either Android or iOS systems. As the setup runs, a user is prompted to choose an invitation option that could simply connect your significant one on the same video.


Additionally, Facebook has decided to introduce an extra segment which simply prepares the list of most seen videos and displays them on your screen. It not only works as an entertainment tool for professionals, but could also promote a brand. Moreover, the map would not only give you intel about the place from where the original video has been generated but, rather it lets you know from where it is being watched. As for example, such a statistical mapping tool could be seen in forums where a particular content is shared among all like the famous MOOCs.

Ultimately, the recent release of the Facebook Live Map feature has temporarily concluded the list related to the same application and with almost identical features it is expected to mark a better impact on the world consisting of people from more than 60 countries.

Experience enthusiasm in Live Video:

Facebook Introduces Its New Live Video Sharing Feature

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