Microsoft is working to add a panorama feature to the Camera app in Windows 10 Mobile, and it looks like the Anniversary Update due in the summer is the one that’ll bring it.

WBI has discovered a new option added to the Camera app that makes it possible to shoot a new panorama in just a few seconds, in the same way this functionality is being offered on Android and iOS.

It appears that panorama will land as a new button in Camera and will require users to simply move the phone in a vertical position from left to right in order to cover the whole angle. When the panoramic image is created, the application automatically generates the photo and saves it to your camera roll.

For the moment, the feature seems to be offered only to new Lumia devices that shipped with Windows 10 Mobile, including Lumia 950 and 950 XL, but it’s believed that Microsoft is working to make it available for Windows Phone models upgrading to the new OS as well.

The Nokia Panorama app

Although such a feature would kind of make sense in Windows 10 Mobile, given the fact that Microsoft has invested a lot in the new Lumia camera, the company is only now adding it to devices after previously offering it to Windows Phone users as a dedicated app.

The Nokia Panorama app was available on Windows Phone devices but, obviously, didn’t make the cut when Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile, so it looks like it’ll now be integrated directly into the operating system.

Insiders could get panorama support in a future build coming sometime very soon while retail users should receive it with the Anniversary Update in the summer. It remains to be seen, however, how Microsoft’s plan to bring it on Windows Phone devices upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile develops in the coming months.

Microsoft to Launch Panorama Camera Feature in Windows 10 Mobile

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