Yahoo Mail users have a reason to be happy because the most recent update to the iOS and Android apps brings in a slew of bells and whistles.

“We know how important it is for you to be able to navigate your contacts effectively and share compelling emails with your friends, family and coworkers,” says Josh Jacobson, director of product management at Yahoo. “So we’re bringing fresh new features to Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android.”

Without further ado, here is a rundown of what to expect from both the updated iOS and Android versions of the app that might make solid fans cry out “Yahoo!”

What’s New On Yahoo Mail iOS?

Yahoo says that it is throwing in features that are well-liked on the desktop, including:


Users can now select from a wide array of stationery designs in the Mail app, which include Happy Birthday, Floral and Thank You themes. Personalizing emails is as simple as tapping on the compose assist button, selecting the Stationery icon and choosing from the available designs.

Link Preview

This nifty feature is viewed as a good addition because it gives email recipients a snapshot of the webpage or article sent to them. Users can even wish to send the enhanced preview card in the middle of the email or below. The improved link can also be easily shared on social networking sites.

Share Button

This feature allows users to share content directly through the updated app. This is done by tapping the share button and selecting the app icon.

What’s New On Yahoo Mail Android

Here’s what Android users can enjoy from the updated Android version of Yahoo Mail.

People Smart View

This handy feature enables Android users to view all of the people they have communicated with, which they can browse or edit.

Contact Sync

This feature synchronizes contacts on the Android device and those on the Yahoo Address Book. Those who do not want to sync their contacts can opt to disable it.

New Animations

Users can also see new animations when erasing, or starring a message and hitting inbox zero.

That’s not all Yahoo is putting on the table. It is testing out “new and experimental features” through its Open Beta, and inviting people to try out the unreleased version of the app.

In December 2015, Tech Times reported that Yahoo Mail’s capabilities have expanded to include support for Google Apps accounts and Gmail in a bid to entice more users into the email client.

Yahoo Mail For Mobile Gets Update: People Smart View, Link Preview, Stationery And More

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