Tech writers have so far given positive reviews to Windows 10 last year, but several users have complained about the upgrade headaches. Some users complain that the software system rendered their machines inoperable, while some said that the upgrade broke compatibility with apps or devices they rely on.

 A reader Maureen Moss, emailed that Windows 10 was a “nightmare” as the networking capability and compatibility of her personal computer with a printer was broken due to the upgrade. Another reader, James Bass, said Windows 10 took apart two Toshiba laptops “piece by piece.”

He added that first the Wi-Fi stopped working and later the keyboard failed.

But majority of information technology professionals agree that upgrading to Windows 10 is a wise idea because the system is faster, strongly built and more secure. It is to be noted that Microsoft’s free-upgrade window for Windows 10 is closing soon: After July 29, the company will start charging $119 for a copy.

According to Microsoft, the release of Windows 10 had been smooth, but some issues were set to crop up among the millions of devices running the system. “When you’ve got 300 million devices, there?s going to be edge cases that we don’t pick up,” said David Dennis, a Microsoft spokesman. He added that the company was making efforts to update the system to address problems.

In order to help overcome upgrade issues, Microsoft and tech experts offered tips on diagnosing and treating Windows 10 problems, which are as follow: Back up your data and identify the problem.

Why Windows 10 upgrades go wrong and what you can do

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