Continuum promises a Windows 10 PC in your pocket, but what if you could actually fit a real Intel PC in your pocket, which can offer a full desktop experience when connected to a big screen, but importantly also is also accessible on the move.


The GOLE1 is an Intel Cherrytrail PC with a 5 inch 720P (720×1280) screen, 2GB-4GB RAM and 32-64 GB storage expandable via both microSD and an external hard drive which is magnetically attached.

It also offers a variety of USB ports, HDMI and charges via microUSB.


The company, ARMDevices, have raised $27,000 on Indiegogo for the device, which runs Windows 10 and also offers Android via an emulator.

The company hopes to raise $30,000, and with 13 days left are likely to hit the target, with delivery set for some time in June. Back the project there.

$99 GOLE1 mini-Windows 10 PC has a 5 inch touch screen and 2 hour battery life

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