PARALLELS HAS RELEASED an update to its remote software that allows users of the 12.9in iPad Pro to access their desktop Windows and Mac apps.

Available now, Parallels Access 3.1 is a free update for any user with a current Parallels Access subscription, and has been developed to make remote access easier and more productive by integrating support for the iPad Pro and Windows 10 tablet mode.

Parallels Access was launched in 2013 and provides remote access to applications and files on a PC or Mac. This means full-blown Windows applications can be accessed from a tablet device, so long as the host and mobile client have an internet connection.

Parallels also optimises the desktop application to deliver a user experience that matches that of the mobile device they are using.

The headline feature of the firm’s latest update support for the 12.9in iPad Pro, which is sold with optional keyboard and stylus accessories to support more business-like applications.

“The latest version of Parallels Access adds a much-requested feature: support for the iPad Pro. Parallels Access, which gives users a convenient and natural way to control their desktop applications from their tablet or phone, now has full support for the large screen of the 12.9in iPad Pro,” said Parallels senior product manager Kurt Schmucker on the firm’s blog.

This release also adds more support for Windows 10, specifically the Continuum feature that adapts the user interface depending on whether a keyboard and mouse are being used or just a touch screen.

Windows 10 switches to tablet mode in the latter situation and this is now supported for those accessing a Windows 10 system remotely using a tablet with Parallels Access.

Other newly-supported features in Parallels 3.1 includes 3D Touch on the iPhone 6Sand iPhone 6S Plus, the Edge screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow software.

As before, a web browser can be used to access applications and files on the remote computer.

Individual subscriptions for Parallels Access 3.1 cost £13.99 for one year or £27.99 for two years. A free trial is available from the Parallels web site.

Apple’s 12.9in iPad Pro can now run Windows 10 apps

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