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One of the biggest names when it comes to the world of social media technology, Twitter has been around the markets for quite a long time now, and has been a very successful platform. The company has been innovating the markets rather frequently, and the latest Twitter update is expected to bring forward another major change – night mode. The Twitter Night Mode is currently being tested on the Twitter Android App, and has been released for some beta testers for a limited period of time.

Twitter users have been getting some of their biggest updates in the recent times, and the Twitter Night Mode for the Twitter Android App is just another update that might be on its way. Off late, Night Mode is getting rather popular with the world of technology.

While apps like f.lux have been bringing it for the users since quite a long time, Apple bringing forward the Night Mode officially into their iOS update has brought forward a huge change in the way the markets see this technology to be.

The Twitter Android app has not rolled out this update for all the users, but a few users have been reporting that this update has been released for their device, and that they can toggle the settings between the regular mode and the night mode quite easily. The users have appreciated this feature saying that this indeed looks good on Twitter.

The company has been many other changes, especially in the way we know the classic tweets to traditionally be.  Saying that they want more and more conversations in the social media platform, Twitter devs have now changed the classic tweet limit. While it is still 140, usernames, embedded tweets, and all sorts of media are no longer considered to be a part of the 140 characters!

Twitter is also expected to soon introduce a Live Periscope button in their app. However, for now, the Twitter Android App is also expected to get the Night Mode setting soon.

Twitter Testing Night Mode On Twitter Android App

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