Motorola RAZR, a thin and fashionable flip mobile phone, was last decade’s most coveted unit. It was slowly phased out with the arrival of the smartphones, but now it looks like the RAZR is getting another shot among consumers of digital technology.

A new video posted on YouTube is hinting of a Motorola RAZR relaunch. It already has a date and an event – Lenovo Tech World, June 9 – but the other details are scarce. The teaser video, which features teen mobile phone users, does not detail what type of updated RAZR  is returning to the mobile market.

New Motorola RAZR Features And Specs

When the Motorola RAZR was first released in 2004, it had a 2.2-inch screen and a resolution of 176×220 pixels. It worked with a VGA camera and had a 5.5 MB internal memory. Metro reports that the new Motorola RAZR will have an Android operating system. The upcoming device is also expected to retain its original small screen, but it will be a touchscreen.  Other specifications of the flip phone are still not available at this point.

At the time of its release, the Motorola RAZR’s sleek design fitted the digital lifestyle really well and sold over 130 million devices around the world. New models came out within four years, but by 2008, it slowly disappeared in the market when flip phones were overtaken by smartphones.

Motorola RAZR And The Flip Phone Market

Time reports that there is still market for flip phone users despite the emergence of smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Some of these users are actually millennials who prefer the simplicity of the flip phone versus the complexity of a smartphone.

Many also say that they prefer the older mobile phone models because these are more durable and cheaper than smartphones, which makes it practical for a students’ budget and activities. Watch the teaser of the coming Motorola RAZR below:

Motorola RAZR Release News & Update: Flip Phone Returns, Powered By Android? Lenovo Teases With Video

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