According to a report from Windows Blog Italia (via Windows Central), Microsoft is set to add one more new feature to Windows 10 Mobile and this will allow phone users to combine photographs into one panoramic image. This follows the release of Nokia’s new panorama app that can achieve the same results.

According to the report, the new feature will appear as a brand new button on the Windows 10 Mobile camera app. Simply tapping the button will activate panorama mode and the user can keep taking photos that the feature will then systematically align and connect into a single panoramic image.

Users will discover that it works when the phone is held in a vertical angle, upright, and then simply need to take photos from the left to the right. This will be familiar to many Android and iOS users as there are a wide variety of apps on both digital platforms that support panoramic photography to some degree.

While similar apps are available on the Windows app store this will be the official feature added into the default camera app of Wndows 10 Mobile phone devices and is expected to take full advantage of every Windows phone’s capabilities.

However, it is also pointed out that this new update to Windows 10 Mobile will not be available for every single phone in the market. As of the time of writing it is only available for newer devices, particularly the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Other Windows 10 Mobile phones will gain compatibility in the future, although a specific list of devices has not been released.

It is also stated that Windows Insiders users will get early access to this new feature before it officially rolls out for other Windows 10 Mobile users. No specific release date has been announced but it is likely to be featured in any of the upcoming updates and routine upgrades for Windows 10 Mobile.
Windows 10 mobile update: Panorama feature to be added soon

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