GOOGLE might be about to name-and-shame Android smartphone designers based on how long they take to update their devices.


Google is believed to be preparing to publish a list of every Android manufacturer – naming and shaming those who take too long to update.

The US search firm wants to embarrass those vendors who take too long to update Android.

Since each Android manufacturer puts its own spin on the open-source Google software, it can take a long time for the latest version of the operating system to roll-out to devices.

This is a direct contrast to Apple, which can flip a switch and push its iOS updates to every one of its users on the same day.


As a result, some 84 per cent of all Apple devices now run on iOS 9, whereas only 4.6 per cent of Android devices are powered by the latest iteration, dubbed Marshmallow.

If you’re lucky enough to have the latest version of Android on your device, .

Google has created lists that rank Android manufacturers based on the timeliness of their updates.

According to tipsters speaking to Bloomberg, the US technology company is considering making these lists public to encourage brands to speed-up their system updates.

Google has also worked hard to spin-off as many features as possible from its main Android operating system update.

Google Play Services now delivers many updates without the need to passthrough the device manufacturers and the mobile carriers.

The news comes as Google teased some of , Google IO 2016.

The search giant also took the wraps off its talkative  new home assistant.

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