Backing up the shielding tool was the leaking of some CAD files. The team at uSwitch have pounced on the files to create a CGI rendering of the new phablet. Assuming that the design files are correct, this is our best look at the Galaxy Note 7 Edge yet.

This Moto G Is Very Small… That Moto G Is Far Away…

Lenovo has updated the Moto G range with three new handsets, all called the Moto G. There’s a strong historical power to that name, but the new triple-strategy can lead to confusion. Gordon Kelly looks at the three new handsets to answer the question “What’s the difference?”…once he sorts out the terminology:

The new phones are impressive, but also create confusion. Motorola is including ’4′ in the range’s Moto logo as they are the fourth generation of Moto G phones (see below). This has led to the trio being referred to as the ’Moto G4’, ‘Moto G4 Plus’ and ‘Moto G4 Play’. To clarify their generation I’ve opted for this in the headline, but will otherwise refer to them without their number.

Yes, already it is complicated! So let’s cut through all this confusion and break down each model because there’s a real standout budget smartphone bargain among them…

Read more on Lenovo’s three new handsets here on Forbes.

Google Maps Set For Android Update

Curiously missing from the announcements at the recent Google I/O developers conference was Google Maps in Android. No need to worry though, because a team at XDA Developers have been looking over the latest Android source code to find hooks into a number of new features. An update is coming, and some of the new additions are going to be welcome:

New evidence found in the latest Google Maps update pushed out yesterday to the Play Store, version 9.26.1, indicates that Google is about to unveil a whole host of new and exciting quality of life and accessibility features. Among the most prominent features we discovered was the ability to share your ETA with other people, create a shortcut to start navigating towards your most common destinations, and the ability to create a private map of your location history.

More details at XDA Developers.