A new version of Simplify3D has been released this week which brings with it support for over 30 more compatible 3D printers together with new features, tweaks and enhancements.

The powerful Simplify3D 3D printing software is capable of controlling every aspect of your 3D print. New 3D printer additions to the latest release of Simplify3D include the LulzBot TAZ 6, Flashforge Finder, PowerSpec Ultra, BCN3D Sigma, Raise3D, Qidi Technology and Geeetech printers and more.

The developers of Simplify3D explain more about its new features :

Many of these machines come with different software programs, which can make the process of owning and operating multiple 3D printers difficult and time-consuming,” states the company in their latest press release. “These challenges are even more apparent for schools that provide training on multiple 3D printers, and businesses striving for efficient production across their entire workforce. Simplify3D solves this problem by providing a universal software solution that can communicate with all of their different 3D printers.

New features within Simplify3D include

– Enhancements for USB communication – with this feature, using your USB cable to print is easier and more reliable due to real-time error checking. Simplify3D Version 3.1 validates every command sent, with the purpose of allowing printers to ‘recover from transmission errors’ rather than stopping the print.

– Intuitive Editing of Internal Supports – for everyone out there who finds dealing with supports to be a pain, Version 3.1 offers relief as the software is able to customize where support structures are added, along with offering the cross-section tool so that you can actually take a look inside your model and edit supports.

– Improved Automated Mesh Repair – this latest version of the software works harder to eliminate failed prints, without you having to lift a finger. As mesh errors and defects are dealt with behind the scenes, prints are successful, and the process is relatively effortless.

– Support for BFB File Formats – this update allows another generation of 3D printers altogether to use the Simplify3D slicing and printing capabilities.

Simplify3D 3.1 Adds 30+ Compatible Printers, New Features And More

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