The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will bring a plethora of improvements to PCs and mobile devices and Microsoft wants to make sure that you don’t miss any of them, so the company started posting how-to tips ahead of the public launch so that everyone can now what to expect.

Although all these improvements have been in the press for quite some time, Microsoft is using official blog posts to highlight certain features coming in the Anniversary Update and the first to get its love is the Action Center.

Indeed, the Action Center will be significantly improved with the upcoming update, getting better integration in the operating system and offering much more information beside the typical notification.

Microsoft says that Cortana users should sign in with their Microsoft accounts to make the most of the Action Center and get notifications for a wide variety of tasks, including reminders and updates on favorite news topics.

Phone notifications on the PC via the Action Center

Furthermore, the Action Center can now show notifications from the majority of apps in the store, as they have already added support for this feature, while Microsoft Edge browser itself can display web notifications from a series of websites.

And last but not least, Microsoft reminds users that with the Anniversary Update, it’ll be finally possible to have phone notifications on the PC, all with the help of Cortana. This feature works on both Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices and users need to be signed in with the same Microsoft account everywhere where Cortana is running.

Of course, there’s more to come in the Action Center with the Anniversary Update, including configuration settings to prioritize notifications, silent notifications, or choose the maximum number of items that will be displayed. More information, however, is very likely to be included in the Get Started app that Microsoft is offering with Windows 10 and which will most likely be updated as well when the Anniversary Update goes live for all users in July.

Microsoft Prepares for Windows 10 Anniversary Update with How-To Tips

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