If  you are a twitter user and you are using twitter on windows 10 then you must have noticed some changing in your app if you have updated it.

Twitter has updated their Windows 10 twitter app from version to version and as always it have come without a changelog.

A new feature has been added to this update. If you are on someones profile on twitter using the new updated windows 10 twitter app then you will notice if you click on twitter button for tweeting a certain person it will automatically add that @person as a reply. In previous version this feature was not available.Now this new feature will definitely make the conversion much easier for ever user.Two other major updated were also noticed which are.The new version support for polls and another awesome feature add is that now you can turn off those annoying auto play videos.

If you are a window 10 user and you are big fan of twitter go and grab new updated version of twitter app which is

Twitter is working  hard to make their user experience on there app better every day if you have updated to new app let me know in comments below what new updates you have noticed.For more keep visiting.

Microsoft Windows 10 Twitter App Updated Once Again

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