They say that patience is a virtue. If that is the case, iOS users must be very virtuous indeed. This has been a long time coming. Ever since Apple introduced picture-in-picture video in iOS 9, iPad owners have been waiting and hoping that they could use the feature with Netflix. It never came.

Until now, that is. At last, it’s here. Now we can all enjoy picture-in-picture while using Netflix. It feels good. Like we have finally made it. My God, we have waited so long and struggled. Now we have arrived. What an accomplishment. It’s like putting a man on the moon. Okay, I exaggerate, but it is really cool that it has arrived finally.

An update to the iOS app has finally introduced picture-in-picture for any iPad running at least iOS 9.3.2, giving you an easy way to keep your favorite show going while you do other stuff like check email or chat with friends. Yes, Netflix is very very late to the party. I mean Hulu and others had the feature soon after iOS 9 arrived. But hey, at least it is here now. We should celebrate by multitasking while watching out shows. Users have waited a long time for this.

Netflix now does picture-in-picture on your iPad

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