You pay good money for your smartphone and service every month, so you’ll want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. We’ve compiled a list of seven apps that can help keep your phone – and tablet – running smoothly.


Kaspersky Lab
From a hacker’s perspective, very few people have security apps installed on their phone or tablet. While mobile gadgets still aren’t quite as vulnerable to threats as traditional computers, there’s still malicious apps containing mobile banking Trojans, ransomware, SMS Trojans … the list goes on.

You need protection against this threat and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a great choice. It’s backed by our sponsor Kaspersky Lab’s 3,000 security experts who work around the clock to identity and counter emerging threats. That gives you the best up-to-the-minute protection.

Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager now come preloaded onto smartphones. But, if you want more, there’s another security app with a few more features for more protection.

Prey is one of the best security apps on the market. Prey sends location information from your stolen device. It can even take pictures of the thief on some gadgets with front-facing cameras. You’ll also know if the thief tries to change a phone’s SIM card; but if all else fails, you can remotely wipe the information from your phone.


Google Photos
If you have a smartphone, there’s no doubt, a ton of photos on there. With so many photos, finding the one you want to send to friends and family can be tricky and take more time than you’d expect. Plus, if you keep too many on your phone, you’ll see the dreaded “Not Enough Storage Space” notifications.

Google, of course, has a solution: Google Photos. Using an app, it automatically transfers your photos to Google’s servers, which is a nice time-saver. Google Photos also gives you unlimited storage for free. And that’s not just for photos, you can store videos as well.

Room For MoreA lot of people have issues with Google’s Privacy Policy. If you’re not into Google, you can use the Room For More app to store your photos and videos.

With this app, you can send batches of your photos to the Cloud and store them there with just one click. This sounds like a much better option than deleting photos and videos when making room for new photos.


The Battery Doctor app promotes proper battery maintenance, which means your battery won’t give out when you need it most. It does this by regulating charge cycles and telling you when the best time to charge is, and whether or not you can skip a charge when you’re at the coffee shop. Even better, with more power saved, you will see your phone or tablet is running a little faster.


With WifiMapper, you’ve got a backup plan ready when it comes to your Wi-Fi connection. With this app, you can search through Wi-Fi networks around you and find the best free and secure connection out there. You’ll never be without your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. WifiMapper will make sure of that with its 2 million recommended free hotspots worldwide.

You won’t have to worry about connecting to a dangerous network either. WifiMapper will tell you what kind of network the hotspot is in, just how reliable the connection is and can even give you reviews about the location you want to connect to.


Text messages, Facebook videos and streaming music services are just a few of the things that require lots of your data. Luckily, one company has created an app that can help you get up to five times more data out of your current mobile plan, and helps keep you under your limit.

Onavo Extend stays on in the background and routes your Internet activity through its own servers so it can compress the data. The app also “balances image quality and data savings” by not downloading photos on a webpage that you won’t scroll down to see. You would be surprised how the little things can grant you more data.

7 apps every smartphone and tablet owner needs

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