Sports writing is a very competitive industry and in order to be successful, you must know how to set yourself apart. These four tips will help your blog get noticed by more readers.

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1. Promoting your work on social media

This part may seem like a given, but I cannot overstate the importance of social media. This blog alone has had over 10,000 viewers come directly from twitter. The best way to do this is through trending topics and hashtags.

Take this tweet for example:


I tweeted it out from the @AllDaySportsCov twitter account while “Ben Simmons” was trending and it got almost 700 clicks directly from twitter.

And don’t be afraid to tweet links more than once! As you can see, people do not see it as spam and it can draw a ton of traffic.


The key to getting more readers is having a positive start directly after the post is sent. Getting retweets and favorites quickly helps in two ways.

1. It makes your tweet show higher in the trending topic. When people search for that hashtag or keyword, your tweet will show higher and get more impressions.

2. It makes people want to click it more. People are more inclined to click a link that already has a few favorites or retweets. Users do not like to look at a blank tweet.

You can ask your friends and followers to retweet you! Don’t be afraid to ask. Some people may say no, some may not even respond, but there are definitely people out there who are willing to help. Feel free to send your first article to@AllDaySportsCov and we will give it a read and retweet it!

Sometimes the official Sports Blog account will even tweet out your articles!


Facebook is another great place to share your articles. You can start your own Facebook page for your blog, but gaining likes can be difficult. The best thing is to just post the links to your personal page.

Ask your friends and family members to share your articles! That is the best way to get things going. Most of the time they will be happy and thrilled to do it and it helps your work gain more exposure!

2. Be current

This goes along with social media, but it is equally important. Nobody (or at least not many people) wants to read year old stories about LeBron going to the Miami Heat. People want what is happening now, like when Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors. Give the people what they want to read, because these topics will be searched more often on google and will help draw more traffic to your site.

3. Go in-depth with keyword rich posts, but don’t be afraid to keep it short sometimes.

In-depth articles are great for blogs. Generally posts with 1500+ words do better on google and have better readership. It is important to use rich keywords (NBA, Kevin Durant, whatever it is you are talking about). The longer the article, the more times google can pick up on them and help your post show up higher in search engines.

It’s also important to be have a balance of short and long posts, otherwise you will be spending several hours writing articles daily. If you see an interesting photo, video, stat or anything, don’t be afraid to use that form of media and write a paragraph or two framing it and talking about it. One of the most popular articles I wrote was very short. It was about Ben Simmons and LeBron James simply talking.

4. Have good grammar and spelling

This is possibly the most important part, because this is the way you gain and maintain credibility. If your sentences are poor and you consistently misspell words, no one will want to read your writing.

These four tips are vital for maintaining a good sports blog!

Four Tips to have a Successful SportsBlog

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