If your smartphone is running out of storage or requires a little extra battery during the day you might be interested in the new ZEE Smartcase which has been launched by Kickstarter this month with the aim of raising $50,000.

The ZEE Smartcase has been designed to make your mobile devices smarter and includes a number of useful features such as wireless charging, more storage and a handy extended battery to make sure you always have juice for those important calls and applications.

Check out the video below to learn more about the ZEE Smartcas which was taken to Kickstarter this month.

Designed to work with all of your mobile devices. The ZEE CORE 32/64/128Gb is proudly Apple MFI Certified and Built to perfection with Apple made parts and engineered to the highest standards for all iPhone and iPad. iPhone5/5s/SE/6/6s/6Plus/6sPlus/iPad Mini 1/2/3/iPad

The Life Line model works With All Android Phones and Tablets, Go Pro Cameras, all Apple iPhone and iPads and any other mobile device carrying a USB a Micro USB or a Lightning port. (LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Gopro, iPhone5/5s/ SE/6/6s/6Plus/6sPlus/iPad Mini 1/2/3/iPad. and more…)

Features of the ZEE Smart Core include :

– Increased battery life up to 180% Extra battery.
– Increased memory up to 128 GB.
– Wireless charging QI Compatible for all mobile devices(including iPhone).
– Powerful LED light ring.
– An App that takes each feature to its limits.

ZEE Smartcase Designed To Make Your Smartphone Smarter (video)

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