There are a lot of tips and trick that are there on the internet to solve tech issues, but they take up so much of time that sometimes while reading them we lose the plot and leave them then & there. But trust us, there are things you can do yourself without getting confused and taking much time. Literally by taking out 2 minutes of your day, you can solve a lot of tech issues!
Here we have a list of tips and tricks that are easy and not time consuming at all! Check them out!
1. How to increase the speed of internet
Step 1- Go to start menu and search for ‘run’. When the run dialog box emerges, type ‘gpedit.msc’ and press ‘enter’.
Step 2- A tab will be prompted on the screen, click on ‘computer configration’.
Step 3– Now click on ‘administrative templates’ and then on network.
Step 4: You will have a lot of options infront of you, choose ‘Qos Packet scheduler’ from them.
Step 5: Click on ‘limit reservable bandwidth’. Now a tab will be opened with three options, select ‘Disabled’.
Step 6: Click on ‘Apply’.
2. How to check if someone has hacked your WiFi.
The easiest way to check is by checking the lights in the router.
There are many lights in your router, from LAN, to power, to connectivity and wireless devices.
To know if someone has hacked into your wifi turn off all the wireless devices.
If the light is still on then it means some device is connected to it. Switch off wifi in all phones, laptops, and tabs.
3.  How to make an invisible folder?
Step 1-How to hide the icon of a folder. You can do this with an existing folder or a new folder.
-Right click on the folder and click on properties
-click on ‘customize’
-a new window will appear, click ‘change icon’
-A new browsing window will open, choose blank space option from this
-click ‘ok’
Step 2- Hide folder name
when you hide the icon, the name will still be there.
To hide the name of the folder:
-Right click on the folder
-Choose ‘rename’
– Press ‘alt’ +‘0160’ and press enter. Apart from this alt+ 255 will also do the same for you. type this with the numeric keypad
This option can be used in windows XP, 7 or 8 only.
For vista users
-Right click on the folder
-Click on rename
-Type ren “(ALT+1060)” temp
– The folder will become invisible
4. Set ‘voice lock’ on your phone
Step 1- Go to google play store, and download ‘voice lock screen’ app.
Step 2- Launch the app and tap on the mic icon. record whatever you want to say when you want to unlock your phone with your voice command.
click save.
The app will ask for a backup password, incase you want to change your voice password.
Step 3- Put backup password and remember it or note it down somewhere. Now that you have set a voice lock, you have to tap the mic icon when you want to unlock your phone with your voice command.
2 Minute Utility Tricks That Will Solve All Your Daily Problems!

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