Did you recently buy your new Android phone but got disheartened to see the battery backup of the device? With the advancement of technology, Android phone can do almost everything but hold a charge. While some Android phones may hold enough charge to last more than a couple of days, there are some others that may die even mid-day in spite of just sitting on your desk throughout the day. While this is definitely a huge issue for all the Android users, here are some ways in which you can maximize the battery life and solve your battery woes with your new Android life.

  • Change the display settings: The most common way of maximizing the battery life of your Android phone is by tweaking the display settings of your phone when you’re indoors. Most often the light inside the phone will be bright enough for you to view the screen. Therefore, you can lower the brightness of the screen in order to stop wasting battery.
  • Switch off the wireless services: There are lots of wireless services like radio, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and some more applications that you don’t always need. Turn them off and set widgets so that you can quickly toggle with them shutting them on and off with a click.
  • Reduce data usage: Do you have a data plan? If answered no and if you use your Android phone more for text messages and texts, its better you switch over to 2G or GSM to save your battery life. Change your settings to GSM as this is always a better mode for battery optimization.
  • Reduce your widget usage: Widgets are the main attraction of the Android phone as they may navigation easier by providing you everything on your ‘Home’ screen but these are also notorious for draining power most often when you’re connected with the internet.
  • Uninstall some applications: There are some applications that don’t know when to quit, making them almost running for the rest of the time. You should go to Settings, tap on Applications, and manage applications so that you can stop the applications that are not necessarily needed.
  • Keep your phone in cool places: Don’t keep your phone in warm places as this may affect the battery of your phone. Avoid placing the phone in warm places like the bonnet of your car, or on top of the computer monitor. You should even avoid placing it in your pants pockets as mammals are also heat generators.
  • Stop using task killers: There may be some posts that may ask you to use task killers to save battery charge but you might ought to do just the opposite in order to save battery life. If you kill such applications, this will consume more power.
  • Turn off connectivity: Tweaking the data connections here and there can maximize your battery life. Keep your mobile data connection off so that this doesn’t consume too much power of your Android phone.
  • Restart the phone at least once: You should restart your phone once a day at least so that the applications that are running can rearrange themselves and contribute in saving your battery.
  • Switch your phone when needed: Last but not the least, you can follow the age-old strategy of saving your battery by switching off the phone when you’re not using it. This is the surefire way of saving the battery life of your latest Android smart phone.

Therefore, if you’re worried about your smart phone and the battery usage, you need not worry as you can follow the steps mentioned above to maximize the life of the battery.

Complete Guide to Maximize Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

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