The classic watch just turned smarter. Introducing the new Gear S3 Frontier and Classic. Timeless outside. Revolutionary inside. (Photo: Samsung Mobile / YouTube)

Samsung Gear S3 have just been released this month and it looks like more and more people are starting to like it. The demand for it has skyrocketed that it has been reported to be sold out in the UK and possibly soon in the US. Particularly now with the holidays, everyone in a hype to buy. But the question is, why are people choosing to buy Samsung Gear S3 over other gadgets and that is what this article plans to answer.

Samsung Gear S3 Is Equipped With More Useful Features

Samsung Gear S3 made a huge upgrade from its predecessor S2 which made it a worthy purchase for loyal users. It is equipped with better battery life that lasts for 4 days, water and dust resistant comes with GPS so users can track their route even without their phone, and a lot more.

Samsung Gear S3 Comes With Samsung Pay

One of Samsung Gear S3’s unique feature that pushes smartwatches to the next level is its Samsung Pay feature. This feature allows its owner to make mobile payments with the use of their watches. However, its use is still a bit limited for now but should continue to expand with time and more demand. This feature was actually first introduced in Gear S2 but requires to be paired with a smartphone. Now the feature works independently so that should have a different impact to its consumers.

Samsung Gear S3 Is On Sale At Amazon

Samsung Gear S3 was first introduced to the market with a $400 price. But Thanksgiving has arrived and Amazon has just released a big $150 discount from its original price. Now Samsung Gear S3 is available for only $299 and everyone just can’t resist buying it. Amazon’s deal is expected to end anytime soon which is another reason why more people are enticed to purchase it.

Samsung Gear S3: Why More and More People are Buying It
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