IFA has created three gadgets that help make our lives more convenient. (Photo: Gadget News & Review/YouTube)
IFA has created three gadgets that help make our lives more convenient.
(Photo: Gadget News & Review/YouTube)

Technology has evolved in a way that can either make us proud or confused or both. Although these are helpful in some ways, some gadgets are just too weird. Here are some of the bizarre creations of IFA that you should look forward to in the year 2017.

1. Well-Intelligent Belt a.k.a. “WELT”

Obviously, the name’s from the longer term “well-intelligent belt.” At first, you’ll think of it as nothing but an ordinary, stylish belt but if you take a closer look, it houses a USB port at the buckle. Welt is designed for basic functions such as counting steps, measuring the size of the user’s waist, counting time spent while sitting, reports the user’s eating habits and well, make sure the trouser’s not going to go down.
Along with its companion app, Welt is designed to take note of your habits, while helping you to keep in shape.

2. The Temporary Tattoo Printer a.k.a. “Prinker”

Calling all tattoo-enthusiasts, this gadget is for you! Prinker is created to transfer tattoo designs from your smartphones to your skin. To use it, you need to download or create your design, send the image to its mini printer and apply the printed pattern on your skin like magic!

3. Listen To A Call Via Your Finger

Most kids do this – pretend to have a call by putting a finger into their ear. Well, it sounds like it has been turned into a reality. SGNL is a bracelet, which works with any watch that transmits sound through a surface. It works by producing vibrations, like what we have in a loudspeaker, however, the sound travels in the bones of your own hands.
All you need to do is connect your smartphone and wristband via Bluetooth, install the companion app and make your call. Then, press your finger to your ear and start your conversation. One advantage of this is that It increases privacy because it’s only you who can hear the call.

These gadgets may be weird but in reality, it answers some of our concerns towards health, privacy, and creativity. Which of these are you going to buy?


3 Weird Gadgets To Look Forward In 2017

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