It’s not too difficult to free up some extra room on an iPhone if one knows the right tricks. ( Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/ Getty Images )

Learning the tricks to free up extra room early on an iPhone could come in handy. Running out of space and being limited can be extremely frustrating and exasperating, to say the least. There are a few simple ways to free up space on an iPhone to make room for new data.

Check And Delete

Check where the space is going. Open Settings and tap on General> Storage and iCloud Usage and tap on the Manage Storage link. This is where one can view a breakdown of how much space left to work with, and which apps and files are taking up most of the room.

Deleting iTunes music, movies and video if they’re synced from iTunes to the iPhone is a good idea. From this same Manage Storage screen, tap on Videos or Music and iOS shows the files stored locally, together with the room they’re taking up.

Remove apps that are not in use anymore. Go to Settings> General> Usage> Manage Storage. A list of apps and delete the ones that are rarely used.

Delete other synced content. There could well be other synced content on the iPhone besides iTunes music, movies, and TV shows. Open Music App> tap the Songs button> Scroll the song to delete> Swipe to right> Click Delete to delete the chosen song. Warm Tips: Before deleting songs on the Phone, a backup should be made of these songs. AnyTrans is a nice choice to transfer music from iPhone to computer for backup, shares iMobie.

Clear Out Other Services To Free Up Space

Clear out photos and videos with iCloud by going to settings> Photos & Camera> then select Optimise iPhone Storage. This keeps low-res versions of files locally, with the high-res copies saved in iCloud.

Another option to clear out photos and videos is with the use of other apps like Dropbox and Google Photos. Apple’s iCloud service can be used to move photos and videos off the phone by just plugging in the device into a Mac or Windows computer and copy the files off manually that way.

Deleting files from other sources like the browsers installed on the phone is another option. From the Settings app, tap Safari> Clear History and Website Data to remove all locally cached files from the phone.

According to Tech Radar, when all these is done and more space is needed, running a full reset on the iPhone is the ultimate clear-out. However, before doing this, user has to make sure everything is backed up.

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Tips & Tricks On How To Free Up Disk Space On An Iphone; 8 Easy Steps

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