Users, fans and gadgets owners, the Best Android Apps for 2017 is finally here! This year, more cool and user-friendly android apps are being released to provide efficiency and functionality in every android gadget. Browse through these latest android apps and find what best suits your needs.

Google Trips. This app aims to help users to organize their vacation. Many subscribers call it as the Ultimate Travel Planner. Whether it’s a trip to nearby places or out of the country, it will surely give you all the details you need about the nearby attractions, restaurants and even activities you may enjoy in your destination. Surely this is one of the best android apps this year.

ExpressVPN. To keep your device safe especially if using a lot of public Wifi network, the Express VPN is considered one of the best android apps. It is one of the most secure and trusted brands that user can use to protect their device. This app can support any device and has around 78 servers worldwide. It’s valued at $8.32 every month.

Google Driver Suite. Another best android app which a lot of people may find extremely useful especially for people who are always on the go is the Google Drive Suite. It is a storage solution wherein users can download it for free permanently once they sign up. Users will be provided 15GB of cloud storage. It is quite impressive because it offers a complete package. It includes the Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Keep and Google Slide which can be used for practically any work or school related tasks anywhere, anytime.

AccuBattery. This awesome entry on the best android app delivers to provide information about the battery of your phone and its health. It gives out information about the length of battery life per app, how often does your device wake up from a deep sleep and the amount of power each app is using.

Photomath. Photomath is educational and it helps in solving math problems making it one of the best android apps for 2017. It will provide a detailed guide on how to easily solve math problems. This is a good news for young or old folks who loves free items complete with instructions, they can subscribe for only $0.99 a month.

There are more than 100 apps that are available for all Android devices. The good news is that the best android apps are usually free. Although some require you to purchase the subscription, it may be worth every penny.


Get Ready For The Best Android Apps For 2017

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