Apple is expected to release a brand new line of MacBook Pro laptops this year. There have been several reports that indicate that the company will be designing ARM-based processors for their future laptops to help improve its battery life.

Apple Rumored to Be Making New ARM Chips

Apple is currently using ARM chips built with technology from ARM Holdings Plc. for the latest MacBook Pro computers. Bloomberg reports that the chips are used in the laptop’s Touch Bar section. The rumored new chip T310, will be made for the purpose of improving the battery life of future MacBook Pro laptops. It will also introduce a new feature called the Power Nap.

The Power Nap function for MacBook Pro computers will serve to allow the device to receive updates and function without being “on.” In this state, the laptop will continue to get software updates, receive emails and more.
The outlet adds that Apple is moving in the direction of becoming more independent by transitioning from relying too much on Intel processors. Although the company has been using their A chips for iPads and iPhones, this is the reportedly the first time they’ve done this move for their MacBook Pro line. On another note, if the new T310 ARM chip comes to fruition Apple will still currently be relying on Intel’s latest processors as its primary chip.

New ARM Chips in MacBook Pro 2017 Line?

According to rumors the new ARM chips may come soon enough as they will come out together with the new MacBook Pro 2017 line this year. Ubergizmo reports that the ARM processor chips are currently being developed and may make it in time for the MacBook Pro refresh later this year.

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MacBook Pro 2017 News & Updates: Apple May Be Designing Own ARM Chips to Improve Laptop Battery Life

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