(Photo : Simone Joyner/Getty Images) In this photo illustration, Queen Elizabeth II’s image is seen incorporated into Google’s homepage on October 16, 2008 in London, England. The specially commissioned logo marks the Queen’s visit to Google’s British headquarters today

Google is one of the biggest giants in the tech industry. The company’s services are mostly used in the form of a search engine called “Google”. Google.com is not just a search engine and it has many clever tricks up its sleeves. Some of the famous Google tricks are discussed in the article.

Set A Timer

A timer clock can be set using the search engine Google. As an example, a user can just type “timer 5 hours” and on the search page, a timer for 5 hours will be set with the clock on the screen. Users also have the option of controlling volume levels for the time sound as reported by Curious mob.

Build With Chrome

This is a fun activity to bring out the child in you. Users can create LEGO buildings using the website buildwithchrome.com. It is actually a web application that lets users create LEGO buildings and architectures anywhere in the world using Google Maps. Users can choose any area in the world map to create a LEGO building. Surprisingly, it is the largest LEGO world that can be created with LEGO bricks.

The number to text conversion

A very large number can be converted to text using Google. The search engine lets you do this by typing the number along with a “=english”. For example, to convert 5,78,000 to the English text, just type – “578000=English” and the result would be “five hundred seventy-eight thousand”.

Google Sky

It is a fun activity that brings knowledge along with it. Users can go to “Google.com/sky” to view the images of the sky taken by NASA satellites. They can view galaxies, constellations and other formation along with the information about them as reported by Business Insider.

Change Webpage Fonts

This hack allows the users to change fonts of the webpage using Google’s fonts. Font collection is available at “Google.com/fonts” from which users can install fonts and use them on the webpage and also integrate the fonts in CSS.

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Best Google Hidden Features: Tips And Hacks To Get The Most Out Of The Search Engine
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